Our products satisfy all 5 aspects predictive of success in network marketing.

  • The Integrity of the Company. If you cannot trust the company or the principals, you will fail.
  • Products that address the current needs of the Baby-Boomers, (the largest segment of American society) are the MOST successful. Baby Boomers are aging, and health issues are foremost!
  • A unique and consumable product. Unique: No matter how good your product is, if it is not patent-protected, "copy-cat" products will be for sale for a fraction of the price. Consumable: If your product isn't consumable, you will constantly be looking for new customers.
  • Validation of the Product. Beyond the typical customer testimonials (which are often supplied by distributors who have a financial incentive) it is important to have 3rd party validation. We represent validated products with clinical studies or other strong 3rd party validation.
  • The Administrative Ability of the Company. Most network Marketing organizations with great products & enthusiastic distributors fail here. If a company cannot ship it's products and pay its distributors quickly and accurately, it will fail.     More...

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